a bank launched a line that is not adjusted by UVA

a bank launched a line that is not adjusted by UVA

The new mortgage loan line will have a cap of $200,000,000, similar to a UVA, to be paid over 20 years. But it is the first mortgage loan that is not tied to inflation.


He real-estate market comes in a sustained recovery after the launch of UVA mortgage loans. Now, a private bank has launched first line of credit at variable rate. Thus, it joins 15 other entities that have already promoted loans so that more people can fulfill the dream of owning their own home.

This is the new line launched by the Credicoop Bankwhich decided to launch two lines of mortgage credit: one UVA with a fixed rate and another traditional at variable rate. This is how it joined the banks Nation, City, Mortgage, Supervielle, Galicia, Macro, Santander, BBVA, Brubank, Patagonia, Del Sol, ICBC, Bancor (Córdoba), Banco de Corrientes and Banco Provincia del Neuquén.

Banco Credicoop launched a cvariable rate mortgage loan

The new variable rate line has:

  • Rate: Current TNA in the order of 36% (Badlar from private banks more 4 points).
  • Term: at 240 months.
  • Financing: 70% financing for the 1st home and 50% for the 2nd home.
  • Loan cap: $200,000,000.
  • Share: 25% income quota ratio on net income.
  • Minimum net income: $2,000,000 sum of the cohabiting family group.

As for the destination, it can be used for acquisition, construction, expansion, improvement of housing for family use and permanent occupation or second home.

Banco Credicoop launched a cUVA mortgage loan

The second line, which is adjustable to Purchasing Value Units (UVA) plus a fixed rate of 5.5% with payment of salaries in the Credicoop Bank or of 6.5% without accreditation.

The other characteristics are shared with the credit to variable rate as a deadline 240 monthswith a 70% financing for the first home and 50% for the second. He loan is with a limit of $200,000,000 and the Fees are 25% in relation to income net income of the family group, which must be $2,000,000minimum.

Source: Ambito

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