“Leave the other person to make the first move”: This is what Anna Ermakova thinks about love and flirting

“Leave the other person to make the first move”: This is what Anna Ermakova thinks about love and flirting

Before her performance at the “Schlagerbooom Open Air”, Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakova revealed what she thinks about love and flirting.

Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakova (24) has been going from success to success since her victory in the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance” last year. Following her triumph, the 24-year-old famously secured a place on the jury of “Das Supertalent” and is also making a name for herself in music after completing her art history degree.

Ermakova will perform the single “Something Stupid” with pop star Florian Silbereisen (42) at the “Schlagerbooom Open Air – The Stadium Show in Austria” on June 8th. Ermakova also revealed her thoughts on love and flirting to the paper.

Anna Ermakova: “I like to leave the first step to the other person”

In June last year, she split up with her boyfriend Tony after a four-year relationship. Ermakova told Bild that she is currently single. “You get to know so many great people and you think to yourself about one or the other: how about if I just tell them that I think they’re great?”, the Becker daughter thinks out loud about possible candidates. But she is less likely to take the initiative when it comes to love.

“I’m rather shy and like to let the other person take the first step,” says Ermakova.

The magazine “Bunte” asked the busy TV personality in January of this year whether she had any time for a new love given her busy schedule. “It’s funny, everyone is asking me that right now. If the right person comes along, there’s room for him too,” answered Ermakova.

She has now made a similar statement to Bild. “I’m old-fashioned or romantic, if you want to call it that. I definitely believe in soul mates. That means that if you meet the right person, you can spend a lifetime together,” said Ermakova.

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