This Argentine $1,000 bill has an error and you can sell it for millions of pesos on the internet

This Argentine $1,000 bill has an error and you can sell it for millions of pesos on the internet

The universe of numismatics does not rest and on this occasion it is on the lookout for a specimen in daily use in our country.

The world of collecting coins and banknotes, better known as numismatics, grows day by day and is in search of exotic specimens to collect or resell at exorbitant prices, which greatly exceed their face value.

In this case, A 1,000 Argentine peso bill with an error is on the radar and can be sold for 10 million pesos on internet buying and selling platforms.. For this, it must be in good condition. The feature that makes it so valuable, below.


Official banknote of 1000 Argentine pesos.

Official banknote of 1000 Argentine pesos.

What is the $1,000 bill that you can sell for 10 million pesos?

This time it is a bill with the image of the baker on the front that, due to a printing error, appears to show a face above the animal portrait and can be perceived if one moves the bill away from one’s face. It is very particular and almost unique, which is why it has powerfully caught the attention of all collectors.

This is the T series, which due to another fault has the sunflowers in a larger size than usual, something that makes it more sought after by collectors.

What is numismatics

Numismatics is the field of collectors of coins and medals, mostly. Some also include banknotes under this term, although according to the Royal Spanish Academy, when talking about banknotes we are talking about “notaphilia”. In any case, those who collect coins They also usually include tickets.

Also, it is an auxiliary science of archeology that specifically deals with study coins, medals or items that serve to preserve value or as currency of exchange issued by a nation. In this case, the meaning we use is related to the search and collecting of these objects.

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