Orsi spoke about the presidential elections and assured that the campaign is getting intense

Orsi spoke about the presidential elections and assured that the campaign is getting intense

The candidate for Wide Front and former mayor of Cannelloni, Yamandu Orsispoke about the general elections in October and assured that the campaign “is getting intense” because the difference in political models between the different parties is beginning to be increasingly noticed.

“It’s time for October,” said Orsi in the middle of a campaign event for the 609 list in Cannelloni, specifically in Pando. The former mayor of the department assured that the campaign “is getting intense” and that it is directly aimed at the general elections.

In that sense, he assured that the different models proposed by each party are beginning to be noticed. In this way, he commented that he perceives more and more “the confrontation and comparison of models, which today passes through the proposals of the Wide Front and the National Party, accompanied by him Colorado Party”.

“The speeches and proposals are in the key of a national campaign,” added the Broad Front candidate.

For Orsi, the inmates are a photo

Regarding the position that the candidate has within the polls for the internal ones that have him as the winner, Orsi assured that “they are a photo, the perfume of the moment.”

Meanwhile, he stressed that “the number of people who are going to vote is uncertain,” saying that it is based on his request last week to voters to have better participation in the internal elections.

According to a survey published by Cifra last month, the former mayor of Cannelloni, Yamandú Orsi, was positioned as the favorite within the Wide Front with 52% of the internal votes. While, Carolina Cosse follows behind with 39% and Andres Lima came in third place with 4%.

According to the director of Cifra, the race is not closed between the two pre-candidates because Cosse’s public is the “most militant”, so a low attendance at the internal elections by Orsi’s followers could harm him.

Meanwhile, regarding the increase in support for Orsi within the party, Pomies indicated that it is due to two reasons, one of them is the loss of the candidacy of Mario Bergara and support for former mayor of Canelones and the other is the verification that the complaint of sexual abuse against him was false.

Source: Ambito

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