126,000 formal jobs have already been lost in the Javier Milei era

126,000 formal jobs have already been lost in the Javier Milei era

SIPA data showed a sharp deterioration in employment between December and March. Likewise, the EIL anticipated a new drop for April.

Some 126,000 employees lost their formal jobs andBetween December and last March, according to the report on the evolution and situation of the registered work, which uses data from the Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA). Likewise, the first indicators for April show that Employment numbers continued to deteriorate in the fourth month of the year.

In the private sector there were almost 95,000 casualties, while in the public sector the number was more than 21,600. Meanwhile, among the employees of private homes, were verified almost 9,500 fewer positions.

The researcher at the Institute of Studies and Training of the Autonomous CTA, Luis Campos, clarified that the employment crisis in the private sector began in September of last year, which is why seven months of uninterrupted decline have already accumulated, with a loss of 127,000 positions. “We returned to levels similar to those at the end of 2015”he noted.

At the sector level, Construction was notably the most affected sector with a 12.7% drop in registered employment (-87,609 jobs).. “This slide, among other causes, is due to the ease of dismissal that exists in the sector (severance fund),” explained Campos.

Restaurants and hotels followed behind, with a decrease of 1.6%, higher than the average for the economy, which was -1.5%. For its part, In the manufacturing industry, more than 15,000 jobs were destroyed.

On the contrary, improvements were observed in the use of primary items such as fishing, agriculture, mining and hydrocarbons.

In parallel, the Labor Indicators Survey (EIL) prepared by the Ministry of Labor For the month of April, it showed a monthly drop of 0.4% in employment.

Source: Ambito

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