Telefe defined what the grand finale of Big Brother 2024 will be like: special prizes, police operation and more

Telefe defined what the grand finale of Big Brother 2024 will be like: special prizes, police operation and more

There is less and less left for the great Big Brother finale. This edition, which has been on the air since December 2023, already has six participants (Juliana “Furia” Scaglione, Martín Ku, Bautista Mascia, Emma Vich, Darío Martínez Corti and Nicolás Grosman) and is less than a month away from meeting. the great winner of the competition.

Despite a drop in audience in recent times by some controversial episodes starring the participant “Furia”, Big Brother was a success in terms of numbers. In ratings it was only below sporting events, in addition to generating million-dollar profits week after week with the public vote.

Now, there is less and less left to define an edition that brought everything: romances, fights, controversies and situations of all kinds. Telefe is already ready for next month, which is when it will be known who will be the last to leave the most famous house in the country.

This will be the grand finale of Big Brother 2024

Some details of what the final closure of Big Brother 2024 will be like have already been made known thanks to journalist Ignacio Rodríguez. First and foremost that The closing date of the reality show is July 7, something that had already been anticipated a few weeks ago. For that day there will be only three participants in the house, who will be the finalists of this successful edition. Of course, the public will decide by voting who will be crowned champion of Big Brother.

As the participants leave, A car will escort you to the Telefe studios., where the famous red carpet will be at the entrance with fences that delimit the large number of people expected for that date. At the entrance, the finalists will be able to greet and receive the warmth of their fans, who are the ones they accompanied throughout this edition.


Besides, GH streaming will receive participants before entering the studio, where the driver Santiago del Moro will receive them along with a packed grandstand and the participants who could not win this edition. Due to the large number of people expected, there will be police vehicles that will escort the participants from the house to the studio and will guarantee the safety of the finalists. In addition, it was confirmed that there will be prizes for all participants, from smaller to larger scale depending on how they fared in the contest.

The next day (Monday the 8th), as always there will be Special Debate as happens with all the participants, but this time with the finalists and especially with the winner. In addition, the debate will have the special participation of Coty, who participated in this edition and the last one. On Tuesday the 9th, a special dinner will be held with the finalists of the house, to bring the final closure to the edition of Big Brother 2024.

Will there be Big Brother in 2025?

Once the reality show in Argentina ended, Kuarzo will launch Big Brother Chile, which will be a special edition. A competition that mixes famous and non-famous people will be tried this year, also adding more difficult games in terms of skill. According to what has emerged, this test will define what format Big Brother Argentina will adopt in 2025, which is expected to start in January of next year.

For now, the host Santiago del Moro will take a break from the television screens and will continue with his radio cycle until the beginning of Big Brother 2025.

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