Trade: Consumers buy fewer spirits

Trade: Consumers buy fewer spirits

Saving on weekly shopping is also having an impact on spirits producers. Sales increased slightly in 2023, but per capita consumption declined.

Many consumers in Germany are saving on their weekly shopping – including on spirits. The sales volume of high-proof alcoholic beverages in food retail fell by four percent in 2023 compared to the previous year. This was announced by the Federal Association of the German Spirits Industry and Importers (BSI).

The industry recorded a small increase of 1.4 percent in sales. However, this is mainly due to the increase in prices due to inflation. The figures are based on data from the market research institute NIQ.

0.1 litre less per capita

According to the association, annual per capita consumption of spirits fell by 0.1 liters or almost two percent last year. “Shortages of skilled workers, inflation, energy prices, rising raw material prices and bureaucracy are putting pressure on the spirits industry in Germany,” said managing director Angelika Wiesgen-Pick.

Spirits are drinks that have an alcohol content of at least 15 percent. In Germany, according to the industry association, around a quarter of spirits are sold through restaurants and specialist retailers, and three quarters through food retailers. Supermarkets and discounters generated sales of almost five billion euros from spirits in 2023. That was a quarter of the sales of all alcoholic beverages.

According to the association, the largest market shares in terms of volume are accounted for by clear spirits (37 percent) and liqueurs (36 percent). In Germany, around 710 million 0.7-liter bottles of spirits were offered in 2023. The German market is the largest within the EU, with around eight percent.

Source: Stern

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