The Government will pay a new bonus of $70,000 in July

The Government will pay a new bonus of ,000 in July
The Government will pay a new bonus of ,000 in July

Pending its officialization by the Official Gazette, it was confirmed that retirees and pensioners will once again receive an extra in July. How much will the average increase be?

Although Javier Milei questioned it, The Ministry of Economy confirmed to Ambit that in July A new bonus of $70,000 will be paid to the retirees and pensioners, same adjustment that they have been charging since March. For the moment there will be no other changes and it is expected that in the coming days the decision will be made official through the Official bulletin.

ANSES delivered for four consecutive months a $70,000 bonus to reinforce the sector’s income. According to the Institute for Argentine Social Development, “in June 2024 the average salary, including the bonus that is not subject to mobility, is approximately 37% below the level recorded in 2017” and the This month’s average increase will be up to 3.2%.

With the bonus, the minimum retirement would rise to $285,622.21 while the PUAM will be at values ​​close to $242,400. It is worth remembering that this month, the Retirements and pensions increase by 4.2%, according to the May inflation index reported by INDEC. But the final effective increase will be lower (between 2.83% and 3.2%) for minimum wages because they will continue to receive the $70,000 bonus without any update.

On the other hand, Starting in July, they are also adjusted for inflation.the values ​​of family allowances, such as the AUH as the family salary received by registered employees and self-employed workers.

Retirees: a very deteriorated minimum asset

A point that generates discord regarding the bonuses is the non-updating of the amount in addition to the fact that it is not sought to be included as part of the assets. What makes the minimum retirement increase to a lesser extent.

The granting of bonuses that supplement the minimum pension income began in 2021 and continued uninterruptedly even after the change of administration, with the aim of offsetting the results of the multiple modifications to the pension formula. In June, the minimum retirement without bonus was $206,931. Although reduced, without the additional $70,000, around 5 million retirees who receive the minimum would not have managed to gather the income necessary to cover the total basic basket.

ANSES retirees.jpg

In June, the minimum retirement without bonus was $206,931

In June, the minimum retirement without bonus was $206,931

According to the economist Nadin Argañaraz until April, The pensioners who receive the minimum pension suffered a 24% loss in their income, and the rest 37%. In just four months, the figure was similar to the loss suffered by the minimum pensions. during the four years of Mauricio Macri, of approximately 20%. During Alberto Fernández’s administration, minimum pensions fell, on average, by 2%, although higher salaries had a greater drop, between 25 and up to 35% in the case of the highest pensions.

Source: Ambito

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