Delgado is waiting for the final numbers to have prerogatives in defining the formula

Delgado is waiting for the final numbers to have prerogatives in defining the formula
Delgado is waiting for the final numbers to have prerogatives in defining the formula

The pre-candidate of National Party (PN) and former Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgadoremains firm in not closing the formula that will accompany him in the race towards October.

Delgado, who has a voting intention of between 61 and 72% according to previous polls, is not interested in rushing the appointment of his vice, despite the pressure from the Herrerismo to close it with their candidate, Laura Raffoinside.

“He will wait for the numbers. The number of votes he gets and the difference, if it is large, will give him a prerogative to choose his partner,” they told Ambit from the white team.

The final decision will, of course, be made in conjunction with the National Party board, but Delgado hopes to have the last word.

What is not in doubt is the moment when it will be announced: “It will be tonight,” they confirmed to this media.

In order for the equation of waiting for results and having the presidential formula ready tonight to work, the nationalist candidate will rely on the information that will be provided to him by 200 witness tables that the National Party will have throughout the country.

Thus, the evaluation conclave will begin in the early hours of the afternoon, when the majority of voters have cast their votes. When Alvaro Delgado When he steps onto the stage at his headquarters on Artigas Boulevard, the name will already be in his mind, although the formal act of addressing the House of the National Party.

The former Secretary of the Presidency, sheltered by the structure of the government of Luis Lacalle Pouhas stoically resisted making a public commitment to complete the presidential binomial with whoever comes second in the internal election. He did so even when the gap was smaller.

“If Raffo gets 12% and (Jorge) Gandini 10% there is no reason to choose her over another,” reflected an analyst with close contact with the National Party.

Delgado, since mid-February, has had the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF) on his mind, Azucena Arbelecheas a potential partner. She is not enthusiastic about the idea, it is known.

The name of the chancellor Omar Paganini was heard, but was quickly removed from the discussion. Instead, it is likely that he will keep his portfolio or return to Industry in a possible second coalition government.

Daniel Salinasman of Open Town Hall (CA)but faced with his leader, Guido Manini Ríosand with excellent public approval for the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, he was measured as a vice candidate by the consultants, at the request of Delgado.

The National Party faces the challenge of quickly presenting a formula that unites its supporters and is attractive to independents, so as not to be left behind the Broad Front (FA) in the race for October, which begins tonight. The mystery will be solved in a matter of hours.

Source: Ambito

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