Kitzbühel : Celebrity meeting expected at the Hahnenkamm race

Kitzbühel : Celebrity meeting expected at the Hahnenkamm race

The Hahnenkamm races are among the most prestigious events. The celebrity density is correspondingly high there.

After two years overshadowed by the corona pandemic, fans and celebrities want to celebrate the Hahnenkamm race in the Austrian ski resort of Kitzbühel again without any worries. The traditional white sausage party is supposed to ring in the ski and après-ski races on Thursday evening.

The Austrian-American action star and environmental activist Arnold Schwarzenegger, the musicians Andreas Gabalier and DJ Ötzi, the BossHoss singers Alec Völkel and Sascha Vollmer and the actor Hannes Jaenicke (“Der Amsterdam-Krimi”) are expected among the 2500 guests, like the German Press agency found out.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated

This year the 30th white sausage party will be celebrated in Kitzbühel. “There will not only be one musical main act this year, but six well-known acts that will catapult us back to the 90s,” said Stanglwirt hostess Maria Hauser. Since the celebrity meeting in Kitzbühel is taking place this year in the shadow of several crises, part of the proceeds from the Weißwurst meal will be donated. “Cohesion is now more important than ever,” said Hauser.

Around 80,000 people are expected to attend the races in the Tyrolean ski resort from Friday to Sunday. According to Mayor Klaus Winkler, the number of visitors per race will be limited to a maximum of 25,000 for the first time. “We want more quality than quantity,” said the city manager.

As in the past, no higher-proof alcohol will be served in the town’s fan zone. “There is a six percent limit,” said Winkler. Beer is okay, wine is mixed with water and liquor is taboo. From 10 p.m. the streets are closed. According to Winkler, 50 to 70 security employees ensure security.

The snow should return in time for the spectacle. Currently, a large part of the scenery in the village at an altitude of 770 meters is green rather than white. But snow is forecast for the weekend. This is good news for the region. “Because winter pictures of the Streif in TV broadcasts mean priceless advertising for the area,” said Winkler. After a ski event that was also visually successful, bookings for the rest of the season increased significantly.

Source: Stern

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