Brain: how does technology affect health?

Brain: how does technology affect health?


Regarding the latter, in the digital worldpeople receive a extra dose of blue light that comes from computers, cell phones, television screens and tablets, among other devices. In that framework, the cornea and the crystalline they take care of protect the eye from blue lightNevertheless is not sufficient.



The problem brought by the Covid-19 pandemic

The pandemic of Covid-19 intensified the use of electronics devicesto such an extent that the consumers they passed up nine hours a day in front of the screen. Even more so when work, entertainment, communication with families and other additional factors all came together in one place.

There is a division in professional opinion on the benefits and harms that blue light could cause. On the one hand, it talks about the decreased depression, memory enhancement and other cognitive processes. However, the relationship with pathologies of the retina, photoreceptor cell death, glaucoma, macular degeneration Y alterations in the circadian rhythms of wakefulness and sleep, they are also present and are not encouraging at all.

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The expert’s opinion

In addition to hurt the retinathe blue light might as well damage brain tissueaffecting the overall health of the organism. And in turn stimulates the accelerated aging in case of not taking action against the case. It should be noted that the blue-violet light or high-energy visible light May cause fatigue and stress visualin addition to the early appearance of the AMD (Age Associated Macular Degeneration)one of the main causes of blindness in the world.

The best advice is do not abuse the devices that emit that type of light and avoid them, especially in the minorsbeing in the process of formation.

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