Cheating: 10 curious facts about infidelity in a relationship

Cheating: 10 curious facts about infidelity in a relationship

Cheating in a relationship is not always logically explainable. Many a person has had to learn this painfully when the question came up: Why did you do that? There are some curious facts about infidelity.

The topic of cheating is not one of the nice things in life and yet there are some funny and strange details about the infidelity. According to statistics, there are professional groups in which more and more “tree change you” is played, and surveys also show that the motives for an infidelity still differ between men and women. In the frequency ranking of which gender often enjoys themselves outside of the home, women have caught up in recent years.

Many men want to go back to their ex after the infidelity
When it comes out that the man is cheating and the woman breaks up with him, it often happens that he wants her back as soon as she’s gone. This can be due to the often ill-considered reasons for the man’s infidelity.

Women cheat for different reasons than men
Men usually cheat because they cannot resist the temptation of the moment, they are looking for an adventure. Women’s reasons for infidelity are often deeper. They want revenge, they miss closeness, confirmation and attention in their relationship.

The perfect lover
According to statistics, there should be an optical prototype for the perfect lover: blond, green-eyed, slim and fit.

Blonde women cheat most often
The website Cheaterville found that blondes are the most likely to be unfaithful at 42 percent. 23 percent of cheaters have red hair and 20 percent are brunette. According to the analysis, women with black hair are the most loyal, at eleven percent.

Men usually regret cheating more than women

For the most part, men have a worse conscience than women when it comes to cheating
As a rule, women cheat for deeper reasons. That is why women, when they have been unfaithful, have less of a guilty conscience than men. According to a study, 75 percent of women who have cheated don’t feel guilty.

Half of all penis fractures are said to happen during cheating
Between 2004 and 2011 in the USA, Dr. Andrew Kramer, a urologist at the University of Maryland, conducted a study that showed that around half of all penile fractures occur during infidelity.

60 percent of infidelities start at work
The well-known saying “Don’t fuck the company” is no coincidence, because more than half of all affairs and infidelities happen in the work environment.

Women are said to be more likely to suspect that they are being cheated on than men
Whether it is due to female intuition or another gut feeling – women are often more likely to notice when something in the relationship has gone wrong.

Men have often known the woman they are cheating on for a long time
It has been statistically proven that men often cheat on women, most of whom they have known for a long time. Psychologists attribute this to a sense of familiarity. Often the playmate also knows the family circumstances and therefore no drama is to be expected.

It all started with choosing a career – this also applies to the loyalty factor
According to various statistics, the three most prone professions to infidelity are: healthcare, aviation and finance.

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