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Big Brother: 5 participants were on the plate

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Alpha he gave Ariel two points for reasons that are pretty obvious by now, and then, surprisingly, he gave Marcos a point.

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Daniela She was the next to enter the confessional, and she decided to give two votes to Ariel and one to Alpha, and her reason was the annoyance she gets from seeing them argue constantly. In addition, she assured that Camila would surely save Alfa in case she was among the nominees.

NachoFor his part, he nominated Marcos and Julieta, “even if it hurts, it’s a matter of play,” he said.

The Torah He gave “two votes for Walter because Camila is the leader and I know she will save him. The second vote is for Daniela because of the remaining ones it would affect me the least if she left,” he said.

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Ariel decided to nominate Juliet and Romina. “I want to expand the plaque and make it different from the ones that have been given lately,” she said.

frames He gave two points to Nacho and one to Ariel: “I have less affinity than with other teammates,” he said.

It’s time to Camila, the leader of the week, who decided to give two points to Nacho and one to La Tora. About Nacho she assured “because of the comments he throws”, and despite the fact that with Lucila “this week we get along better”, she said that she “would feel bad voting for other people”.

And finally, the last one to nominate was Juliet. “The first two are for Aiel, because of affinity, it’s a matter of feeling, and I feel that there is something of the character, that of showing that it’s fine all the time. It doesn’t seem genuine to me.” The second vote was given to Walter.

Finally Santiago del Moro revealed that Ariel, Nacho, Alpha, frames and Juliet They are this week’s new nominees.

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