a couple abandoned their baby at the airport to avoid paying the ticket

a couple abandoned their baby at the airport to avoid paying the ticket

So they decided to abandon it airline area counter and board a flight ryanair. Faced with this situation, the airport security agents went to the security cameras to identify the people who abandoned the minor.

A person alerted about the abandoned baby, and in this way, they managed to find them before the plane took off and the local police intervened to stop them.

Through a viralized video on social networks, it was learned that it was a woman who gave the alert about the little abandoned boy.

in dialogue with CNNThe airline spokeswoman detailed what happened. “These passengers who were traveling from Tel Aviv to Brussels showed up at check-in without a reservation for your baby. They then headed for safety leaving the baby behind,” she recounted.

And he added: “The billing agent at the airport Ben Gurion contacted airport security, who recovered these passengers, and it is now a local police matter.”

The authorities explained the situation in a statement: “A couple and a baby with a Belgian passport arrived for a flight to Terminal 1 without a ticket for the baby. The couple was also late for the flight, after check-in for the flight closed. The couple left the child seat with the baby and ran towards the security checks in Terminal 1 in an attempt to reach the gate for the flight.

Meanwhile, the company’s website clarifies that “infants can be included in a flight reservation during the online reservation process.” In this way, if it is indicated that a baby will travel on the plane, a pop-up message appears on the site that says that there is a charge of US$ 27, or the equivalent in local currency, for each outbound flight that the baby takes while it is sitting in the same seat as the adult.

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