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Study visa: learn how to obtain it to spend a semester in the United States

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Study visas in the US: requirements

There are several options to apply for a study visa, from a English course up to one college career. Programs can last from one semester to one year or moredepending on the study plan.

  • have a valid passport.
  • have a sponsorwho can be a relative or friend who is in that country and who must demonstrate financial solvency. In the case of attending with a scholarship from the educational institution, present the papers that certify this situation.
  • Apply to the educational institution and make the initial payment.
  • Fill out the DS-160 form.
  • Pay the visa and Student and Visitor and Exchange Information System fees.
  • demonstrate the English proficiency level (each institution will require different levels or exams).
  • Fill the I-20 form provided by the school.
  • show that they have funds to cover the program.
  • Proof that you will leave the United States with a return ticket.
  • Go to the interview at the consulate.

may be required extra informationdepending on the consular office, so it is best to prepare documents that prove that the intention is to go to the United States to study, as well as demonstrating what the academic preparation is and how the studies and residence will be paid for.

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Can you work with a student visa?

Students with F-1 visas cannot work off campus in his first year, but within that space. After the first year, students can work outside of curricular practical training (internships), which has to be from the area in which they specialize.

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