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Missing Julian Sands: His family should be able to “lock up”.

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Julian Sands has been missing for weeks. The authorities want to give the actor’s family a “closure”.

Actor Julian Sands (65) has been missing since January 13th. It’s been more than five weeks since the 65-year-old went hiking on Mount Baldy in Southern California – and didn’t return. A large-scale search began. Now the US authorities are talking about wanting to give the “Ocean’s 13” star’s family a “closure”.

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The last search brought no results

A number of searches, both on foot and from the air, have been carried out since his disappearance. the emergency services set out again on Saturday, more than 20 people were involved. A spokesman for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department said responders focused on an area where the California Highway Patrol had encountered a possible electronic device.

“Unfortunately, nothing has been found that would have led to the discovery of Mr. Sands,” it said. In view of a storm, the search would be delayed for some time. “Our aim is to bring Mr Sands’ family to a conclusion and if we can we will try again.” The British actor was on the way to Mount San Antonio – a popular summit for hikers in summer, a great challenge in winter.

Authorities do not want to lose hope

A few days ago, the responsible emergency services had already given an update. “We remain hopeful about the search for Julian Sands, but know the outcome may not be what we would like,” the San Bernardino Police Department said. “Our planes continue to patrol the area when available. We also plan to conduct ground searches of the area in the future.”

Sands’ family issued a statement in late January, praising not only the “compassionate members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department,” but also the “heroic search teams who brave the difficult conditions on the ground and in the air bring Julian home”. Born in Britain, he has been married to journalist Eugenia Citkowitz (59) since 1990. The couple have two daughters, Natalya (26) and Imogen (23). Julian Sands has son Henry (37) from his first marriage.

Source: Stern

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