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Marina Charpentier on Chano: “For people like him, sometimes life is very difficult”

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Regarding the present of the former so bionic Marina assured: “Chano is 41 years old and lives alone. I was in Uruguay on vacation, for those who speak without knowing, Chano is in permanent treatment, he has group and individual therapy. He goes to the psychiatrist every 15 days and they do a test urine test, like an Evatest, to see if it’s clean. It’s always been negative.”

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“Just because a person like him isn’t consuming doesn’t mean he isn’t just as sensitive”, explained about the day to day of his son. “For people like him, sometimes life is very difficult.”

He also gave details of how the moments prior to hospitalization were: “Two days before hospitalization he was working and rehearsing with musicians. Due to circumstances of his privacy he began to be sad.”

“He was with a girl, he felt bad and she called the guard and they went to look for him at the Capilla del Señor. He came by ambulance and went directly to intensive care.”

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Regarding the lack of official information from the state of Chano Marina, he explained that “We did not give reports because it was a long weekend and we did not know what to say either”. “My son is an adult and he has the right to preserve his identity.”

Finally, he made special emphasis that his son’s hospitalization is not due to anything related to any type of poisoning. “The toxicological (exams) gave that she had not taken anything.”

“For opinionologists, my son is 41 years old, he has no wife or children, he is a loner at heart, his sadness is expressed in music. If a person like him is not interested in living. His art saves him. He loves to work. It’s what makes you good“.

Source: Ambito

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