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Paris Hilton: She finally reveals the baby’s name

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Paris Hilton has released a snippet of her forthcoming memoir. In it, the 42-year-old reveals her son’s name.

Paris Hilton (42) and Carter Reum (42) have been parents of a boy for a few weeks. The entrepreneur and TV personality has now shared the name of her son, who was born via surrogate, with the public. reads Hilton an excerpt from her book “Paris: The Memoir” which will be published on March 14. In the passage, the 42-year-old goes into the choice of name for her son.

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Little one’s name is Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum. She chose the name Phoenix, which also stands for the capital of the US state of Arizona, years ago when she was looking for cities, countries and states on a map that went to Paris and London, as her future daughter should be called. would fit, explains the 42-year-old. Hilton was captivated not only by the pop culture significance of the name Phoenix, but also by the mythological tale of the phoenix rising from the ashes and flying again. He stands for “hope, rebirth and transformation” and she wants her son “to grow up knowing that defeat and triumph come and go in our lives. And that this should give us great hope for the future. Carter and I are so proud to welcome our son into the world.”

Her son’s middle name is a homage to her grandfather Barron Hilton (1927-2019), Hilton explains in her podcast. “He was always my mentor and I looked up to my grandfather so much,” says the 42-year-old. “We were so close and I miss him every day so I really wanted to honor him by having his name in my first son’s name.”

Birth of son kept private

The it girl and entrepreneur Carter Reum have been together since 2019 and married in November 2021. A few weeks ago, they proudly announced that their first child together was born. They were given a boy by surrogate mother, as the two first revealed to the US magazine “People”. “I want to protect him and be with him every second,” Hilton recently gushed about her son. “You have this maternal instinct kicking in that I’ve never had before. I feel complete now.”

The couple kept their pregnancy a secret for a long time. Wearing a brunette wig, hoodie and under a false name, Hilton visited the hospital on the day her son was born, as she continued in the interview. “We decided we wanted this whole experience to ourselves.” So the couple locked themselves with their offspring for two days in their house in Beverly Hills and enjoyed the time together. Even the closest family members only found out about the birth shortly before the announcement on Instagram.

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