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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The dollar sank 1.11% and pierced the floor of $39

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The last operation of the day in the Electronic Stock Exchange of Uruguay (Bevsa), was agreed in 38.8 pesos, while the average price of operations was 38,866 pesos. On this Wednesday, the number of transactions was a total of 44with a number of operations that totaled a little more than 26 million dollars.

The dollar accumulates a fall of 3% so far this year

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The last four days had no exchange activity due to the extra long weekend due to the Carnival holidays. Meanwhile, the uncertainty regarding how the exchange rate would react this Wednesday was high. Today’s deep fall meant a significant setback in the upward trend that the dollar had been showing in recent weeks.

In fact, in just one day a large part of the increase that had been accumulating fell so far in february, which had a positive balance in its first three weeks. Now, said variable is in just 0.48% in favor –when until last Friday it was 1.61%–.

Thus, compared to January 22, the US currency showed a monthly variation of -0.46%. According to today’s quote, so far this yearthe foreign currency accumulated a setback of -3%, strongly influenced by the fall of -3.29% in January and consolidated with today’s collapse.

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Compared to the same day but last year -February 22, 2022-, when the exchange rate was 42,634 pesos, the year-on-year variation was -8.63%.

This last variable has been showing a downward trend in recent days mainly because, by then, the dollar had already begun to fall after reaching historical peaks that it had registered in the first days of last year.

Source: Ambito

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