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TV show: Sat.1 rolls the afternoon with a “full house!” new on

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Jasmin Wagner and Jochen Schropp are known as jacks of all trades in the entertainment industry. Now they are heating up at Sat.1. A specially built house serves as a studio for their guests.

Jasmin Wagner and Jochen Schropp bring momentum into the afternoon at Sat.1. With their program “Full House!” the moderators go on the air for the first time on Monday at 4 p.m. Sat.1 built an entire house as a studio – from the living room, kitchen and bathroom to the garden and garage. A supporting program with service and talk is offered, which also includes the VIP show “Bunte – live”, the program “Britt – Der Talk” and various docu-soaps. “Full House!” is the only afternoon show on television to which we invite viewers live every day for a full three hours,” says Wagner, who once became known as the singer Blümchen.

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The 42-year-old is looking forward to the change: “As the name suggests, every room in our house is full of content. It is colorful and varied every day and still offers reliability and consistency. what interests us and our viewers, what they like – I think that’s unique on TV.”

Favorite room in the “full house” is the kitchen

According to Wagner, her favorite room in the studio is the kitchen. “This is where Jochen and I usually meet first and this is where we greet our guests. Of course, we will also put our cooking and baking skills to the test. Our kitchen is, as befits a real flat share, the room that we spend together on the most used.”

Schropp doesn’t want to limit himself too much to the target group. “Since “Full House!” is a colorful bouquet of different topics, I would like to invite everyone to tune in, regardless of age or gender, to start the end of the day with us.” Of course, the market has been sounded out: “And among the many people who watch TV in the afternoon, there are also many women over 40 that we would like to reach. But as I said, of course everyone is welcome here.”

The challenge: “We have to pick up our audience where they are in their daily routine,” explains Schropp. “Some want to relax after a long day at work, others want to be entertained or informed.” As a live show, you can react daily. “I prefer to present live anyway, it’s a very special feeling that also rubs off on me as a viewer.”

Live TV as a special challenge

Wagner is also looking forward to live TV. “I find the immediate incredibly attractive and exciting. When I speak into the camera, I can address the people who are watching us and who want to spend their afternoon with us directly and take them with me.” Live television also means that you are with your guests in the moment. “Nobody can say, oh, let’s try it again – that’s what makes live television so unique, authentic and likeable. And: The more relaxed you are about the fact that mistakes can happen or that things surprise you in the process, the better. “

Full house!

Source: Stern

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