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Ice hockey: NHL goalkeeper Linus Ullmark scored a goal as the 13th goalie

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The Boston Bruins’ Linus Ullmark has become the 13th goaltender in NHL history to score. Tim Stützle wins 5-2 with Ottawa, Nico Sturm and Moritz Seider lose.

Linus Ullmark created an extraordinary moment in the NHL. The Boston Bruins goalie scored in the game against the Vancouver Canucks – becoming the 13th goalie in North American hockey history. The Finn Pekka Rinne last succeeded in doing this in January 2020.

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By the end of the third period, the Bruins were leading 2-1, the Canucks knocked out their goaltender and put a sixth skater on the ice. When Ullmark received the puck on his own goal, he shot the puck across the field and hit the empty goal with 48 seconds left to make it 3-1 (2-0, 0-0, 1-1).

“Three opponents jumped at me, I didn’t even realize where the puck was at first,” said Ullmark about his goal. “The goalkeepers who have scored a goal in this league are all great. I’m just digesting it all.” The Bruins have won their last six games and remain by far the best team in the NHL with 95 points.

Victory for the Senators

Tim Stützle scored a 5:2 (1:0, 1:2, 3:0) away win against the Montreal Canadiens with the Ottawa Senators. The decision came in the final period, in which the Senators scored three goals in just over seven minutes. Stützle remained without a goal for the third time in a row.

Despite two assists, Nico Sturm and the San Jose Sharks lost 3-4 (2-2, 0-0, 1-1) to the Chicago Blackhawks after a penalty shoot-out. Sturm had hung up in the first third to equalize. Moritz Seider also went off the ice as a loser on Saturday, with the Detroit Red Wings it was a 0:3 (0:1, 0:1, 0:1) home defeat for the defender against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Of this German trio, however, Seider has the best chance of reaching the playoffs with the Red Wings. With 64 points, Detroit is just one point behind the Pittsburgh Penguins, who currently hold one of the two Eastern Conference wildcard spots.

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