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Music: Ikke Hipgold on ESC-Welt: “There’s a lot of hate coming”

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Ikke Hipgold is applying for the German ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool with “Song with good text”. He is surprised by the hate he says he feels.

Party singer Ikke Hipgold, whose real name is Matthias Distel (46), expected a headwind because of his participation in the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) – and then felt it. “I am a very controversial figure. The party hit world knows that my name is Matthias, that I have built up many artists with my colleagues,” said the musician of the “Rheinische Post”. “Now in the ESC bubble I’ve noticed: Wow, there’s a hell of a lot of hate,” he added.

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Then there are people who would only see Ikke – the fictional character that Distel slips into to sing songs that work on Ballermann. “You can only see that I’m the most liberal and cosmopolitan person in real life if you want to see it,” he said.

Hip Gold alias Matthias Distel sings party songs (“Big Tits, Potato Salad”, “Hackevoll durch die Nacht”) and applies with his title “Song with Good Text” for the German ticket to the ESC in Liverpool. The preliminary decision can be seen on Friday (March 3, 10:20 p.m.) on ARD.

Biography of Ikke Hipgold

Source: Stern

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