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The Best Awards: “El Tula” will represent the Argentine fans in the shortlist “Best Fans in the World”

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Argentine supporters filled the streets with Buenos Aires and every point in the country throughout the World Cup but above all they did it in Qatara place where thousands of fans traveled and took over each stand, which is why they became another attraction of color throughout the 28 days that the competition lasted.

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FIFA described the national nomination as follows on its website: “The journey from Argentina to Qatar is not exactly short, but fans of the Albiceleste have flocked to Doha since the start of the tournament to support Lionel Messi in his last attempt to win the only trophy that remained elusive until then”.

“The noise they made in the stands was constant, with drumbeats and continuous chants that made almost every game in Argentina seem like a home game for Messi and company,” explained the FIFA.

Argentina will compete against Japan, who were praised for their cleanliness in post-match stadiums, and Saudi Arabia’s Abdullah Al Salmi, who spent 55 days walking through the Arabian desert to see his team in action.

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In case of achieving the distinction, it was known in the last hours that the person in charge of the mention will be nothing less than Carlos Pascual, better known as “El Tula”.

“El Tula” is a famous character from Rosario who dedicated his life to actively participate in sports events and political acts of Peronism.

This symbolic fan was able to reach the Middle East and lived closely the consecration of Lionel Messi and company. In addition, this was his 13th World Cup since the first one he saw in situ, in Germany 1974.

Source: Ambito

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