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Shakira spoke of Piqué and struck down Clara Chía

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After assuming that it is “in the public eye” and that in addition theirs “it was not a normal separation” for the condiments it had, in addition to being two well-known international people.

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In any case, she assured that “now I feel complete. I feel stronger than a lioness“, after living this story of heartbreak, after 12 years of relationship with Piqueone of the best defenders in the history of Barcelona.



10 phrases from Shakira’s interview

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1. “I have been in love with love and I have managed to understand it from another perspective and feel that I am enough for myself today.”

2. “When a woman faces life, she comes out stronger.”

3. “I’m in the public eye, and because our split isn’t like a normal split.”

4. “Now I feel complete. I feel stronger than a lioness.”

5. “I depend on myself, I have two children and I have to be a lioness for them.”

6. “My lyrics are more effective than a visit to a psychologist.”

7. “The opposite of depression is expression.”

8. “Someone should have taken a picture of how I started and ended the session with bizarre. It was an outlet for my healing process.”

9. “You have to tolerate frustration, there are things that don’t go the way you want.”

10. “There is a place in hell for women who don’t support other women.”

Source: Ambito

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