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Retro sneaker trend 2023: These models are hip now

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Every trend comes back at some point – that’s how it is now with the retro sneaker trends 2023. Which models are popular and how to combine them.

If there is something in fashion that has been an integral part of the trends for years, it is definitely sneakers. Whether classic in white, in the ugly variant, as a platform model, or, or, or: the casual shoes are constantly being reinvented. In 2023, retro sneakers will (once again) be in vogue. Which models are particularly popular and what you should consider when styling.

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Which retro sneakers are trending in 2023?

If he , iconic Supergas made of canvas or well-known Converse models: the classics from the older days may still have a few in the shoe closet – and they can also be carried out in 2023 without any problems and collect trend points in the process. Like last year, the iconic Adidas Forum is still popular. Just like the retro running shoes from the 70s, which were already on the rise last season.

With these three models, you will certainly be in trend in 2023 – and you can safely leave them in the closet even after the hype. Because the next trend wave for the classics is definitely coming.

1. The classics

The Adidas Forum trend from last year is also relevant in 2023. The 1984 model was a common sight in 2021 in variants with light blue stripes. The classic is now used in many different variants: whether as or also in the . As a white sneaker, the Adidas Forum can be combined with almost any look, in more colorful or eye-catching versions it should be the highlight and the rest of the look should pick up its colors.

But other basketball shoes and sneakers are also very trendy again, for example from the Nike Court family.

2. 70s runner

This retro sneaker trend is more eye-catching and also came up last year: get fashionable attention again in 2023. The running shoe comes with its rounded toe and flat rubber sole. As with the Adidas Forum, this year it can also be a modern version of the retro model: Whether kept clean in nude tones or colorful and playful: the 70s are celebrated with the retro sneaker trend.

3. Skater sneakers

If any brand stands for skate shoes, it has to be Vans. The never really went out of style, but will be back in fashion in 2023. It can be mixed and matched in many ways: whether for a casual outfit consisting of jeans and a shirt or for a more playful look with a skirt or even a dress.

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