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Music: Band Frida Gold fails for ESC preliminary decision

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They had been preparing for their performance for weeks. But now the end is sealed: singer Alina Süggeler still has no voice due to a persistent illness.

Premature end for the band Frida Gold in the German preliminary round for the Eurovision Song Contest: Alina Süggeler, the singer of the band, is so ill that she no longer has a voice for the performance on Friday evening, as the North German Radio in Hamburg announced.

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The band from the Bochum area was quoted as saying in the statement that the second day of rehearsals had to be reduced to two runs, during which they could only sing sporadically. “Any short-term medical measures had not led to any acute improvement to enable a performance. For Alina and everyone involved, after weeks of work and preparation, this is a shock and an immense disappointment.”

The band Frida Gold (“What should we dream of”) was one of the better-known participants in the preliminary decision, along with the party singer Ikke Hipgold (46, “Big Tits, Potato Salad”). Now only eight applicants are in the running for a ticket to the popular music competition. In addition to Ikke Hipgold, these are singer-songwriter Will Church, rock band Lord Of The Lost, musician René Miller, singer-songwriter Anica Russo, pop-punk band Lonely Spring, singer TRONG and pop-folk musician Patty Gurdy. The show will be moderated on Friday evening at 10:20 p.m. by Barbara Schöneberger (48).

Source: Stern

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