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Boris Becker: He throws money out of the window for advertising

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According to a media report, Boris Becker got the first advertising deal in his “new life” – for an online window provider.

Boris Becker (55) will in future advertise an Internet mail order company that sells windows. According to the Sunday newspaper, the German tennis legend can be seen in a 30-second commercial that will be shown for the first time on March 11 during the “Sportschau”. The former athlete shows a lot of self-irony in the clip and throws fake banknotes out of a window in a villa.

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Boris Becker’s first new advertising deal

“Don’t throw your money out the window,” Becker is supposed to say in the spot. In doing so, he would not only advertise the company, but also allude to his own past. The ex-tennis professional was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in England at the end of April 2022 for delaying insolvency, but was released at the end of the year and left for Germany.

“Money is and was important to me, but the spot is of course satire and self-irony,” Becker explained to “BamS”. For him, the cooperation with the provider is “the first deal in my new life”. Why did he shoot the spot? “It’s true that I threw money out the window, but then it was important to me to make fun of myself and tell the younger generation not to do the same.”

Probably Becker’s most legendary advertisement dates back to 1999. His “Am I in there already, or what?” commercial for an Internet service provider is still remembered by many people today.

Source: Stern

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