Getaways in the City: more and more Argentines choose to stay in Buenos Aires hotels

Getaways in the City: more and more Argentines choose to stay in Buenos Aires hotels

The Buenos aires city continues to recover in terms of tourism. After the pandemic, the number of national tourists housed in Hotels Buenos Aires and the hotel occupancy rate was the highest in the last 10 years. I know more.

Average hotel occupancy in 2022 was 60%and exceeded historical records from 2017, 2018 (59%) and 2019 (58%); and occupancy peaks were recorded during the recitals of Coldplay (92%), Easter (91%) and the lollapalooza (82%). It should also be noted that in 2022 they stayed 2.4 million national tourists60 thousand more than in 2019.

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Tourism City of Buenos Aires

According to the recorded data of domestic travelers hosted in hotels and for hotels, the 33% were tourists belonging to the Buenos Aires provincethen follows the region of coast with the 22%the patagonian region with the 14%the province of Cordova with the 12%the North Region with the 10% and finally the whose region with the 9%.

“The hotel industry It is one of the main pillars to generate that a destination is competitive at the tourist levelalong with a strong private sector and investment let them keep it For this reason, generating an ecosystem that allows nuclear a attractive tourist offera policy of air connectivity that seeks to expand the frequencies and number of passengers transported, and a commensurate infrastructure is essential for a destination of the importance of Buenos Aires to have a significant growth in the coming years,” he said. Lucas Delfinopresident of the Tourism Agency of the City of Buenos Aires (Entur).

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Tourism City of Buenos Aires

During 2022, the City recovered the 80% of the hotel beds that it had available before the pandemic, and it already has almost 53 thousand seats. While the 5 stars hotels they had a 100% of recovery in the places available, the hotel establishments of 4 stars they recovered the 94% of its hotel rooms, and the hotels 3 star recovered a 89% of their seats.

Furthermore, according to data from Observatory of the Tourism Entityhe employment in the hotel registers a progressive recovery. Currently, they accounted for 148 thousand people employed in the tourism sector in general, while, specifically in hotels, registered private employment was almost 15 thousand people.

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Tourism City of Buenos Aires

Throughout 2022, the tourism sector contributed more than US$1.8 billion in the city’s economy -with an impact on gastronomy, transport and culture, among other sectors-with an average cost of $124 for national and international tourists $776 for international tourists.

City: how is the Buenos Aires hotel promotion law?

He Tourism Agency of the City of Buenos Aires sanctioned in 2018 he Hotel Sector Promotion Regime (Law 6,308 and its amendment No. 6,186), which promotes the investment of the infrastructure in the hotels of the City. Projects that are approved can recover up to a 60% of the investment, with a credit in favor of the Gross Income Tax within 10 years after the granting of the loan.

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Tourism City of Buenos Aires

All those who build a new hotel establishment or carry out substantial remodeling or expansion works in an existing establishment can access this regime.

From 2019were approved 14 projects for a total amount of private investment of $278,452,693.01 million, and there are currently four more projects in the approval process.

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Tourism City of Buenos Aires

“The creation of this law is a good support policy for the sector, it allowed us to generate a key investment to improve the hotel infrastructure that was lagging behind other destinations in the region and was hard hit by the pandemicDelfino said.

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