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The Weeknd sold out pre-sale tickets in three hours and advances general sales

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The singer will perform at the River Plate Stadium on October 18. The production decided to advance the sale of tickets for the entire public.

The fans of The Weeknd were revolutionized this tuesday when the singer announced that it was moving its next show in Argentina at River Plate Stadium and set a date for ticket sales for this Wednesday. So much so, that the musician’s followers sold out the pre-sale in just three hours and the production decided advance the general sale.

After his debut in Argentina in lollapalooza In 2017, a lot happened in the life of Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, the real name behind the multifaceted Canadian artist who will return to the country in 2023. With three successful studio albums since then, to which the Avatar soundtrack was recently added, the artist’s fame has multiplied at the speed of light, making him one of the most relevant names in the contemporary pop scene. No wonder he has garnered thousands more fans in Argentina, many of whom will be seeing him for the first time at the River Plate Stadium on October 18.

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When and where to get tickets for The Weeknd in Argentina?

Tickets on general sale can be purchased from Thursday March 9 at 10 am. The only official means of sale in both cases is AllAccess.com.ar.

How much are tickets to see The Weeknd in Argentina?

  • Front Field $40000 + Service charge
  • General field $20000+ Service charge
  • Preferential stalls $40,000 + Service charge
  • High Hall $27000 + Service charge
  • Media Sivori stalls $22000 + Service charge
  • Platea Alta Sivori 15000 + Service charge


What will The Weeknd’s show be like in Argentina?

In the largest production of his career, the public will be able to enjoy the reflection of his creative path, which, in addition to being a musical journey, has a captivating aesthetic and conceptual imprint. The tour is also the first to integrate 3.0 technology for a unique experience: The Weeknd has the blockchain platform Binance as a sponsor of the tour, with whom it has launched an exclusive collection of NFTs for the occasion as well as jointly designed merchandising.

The Latin American segment will include his visit to Buenos Aires, as well as Colombia, Mexico and various countries on the continent. Produced by DF Entertainment, the event will take place on October 18, 2023 at the River Plate Stadium.

Source: Ambito

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