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Investigate death of nearly 3,000 chickens on Florida farm

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The Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries is conducting studies to determine if it is the disease.

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It was reported the death of almost 3,000 chickens on a farm in the town of Chamizo, in the department of Florida. The authorities of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) are carrying out laboratory tests to determine if the causes of death are related to the recent outbreaks of bird flu throughout the country, despite the fact that preliminary tests yielded negative results.

This was confirmed by the Florida departmental director of the portfolio, Daniel Berti, in conversation with Telenoche. However, the official stated that these studies “they are not 100% safe“.

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So far, cases of Avian Influenza H5 have been confirmed after the death of 100 black necked swans in Laguna Garzón, on the border of Maldonado and Rocha, and 70 chickens in San Gregorio del Polanco, department of Tacuarembó. Regarding these cases, the head of the MGAP, fernando mattosstated that the animals “probably” were infected by migratory birds.

The MGAP will confirm in the next few hours the official laboratory tests to determine if it is indeed the third outbreak of avian influenza that is affecting the country, or of some other disease that could have affected these chickens, which were housed in a shed.

If cases were found in hatcheries, “it would be a very strong impact,” according to Mattos

As a result of the confirmed foci of avian flu, the national poultry industry has seen difficulties in moving forward to place poultry meat in China. In this context, Mattos said that “all measures are being taken so that this is not verified in hatcheries, there it is.” it would be a very strong impact“.

The legal provision that the MGAP has is of the stamping out“every animal that has had contact with diseased species must be sacrificed”, since “If there is a sick bird in a house of thousands, you have to eliminate the thousands that are in contact”said the chief, but not before mentioning that “all this would be a huge loss for the producer and the country.”

Source: Ambito

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