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The mystery of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane came to Netflix

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The miniseries “MH370: The plane that disappeared” is already a trend on the streaming platform.

Netflix premiere MH370: The plane that disappeareda three-episode miniseries -90 minutes each- that precisely, and as its name suggests, addresses the strange story of a plane that vanished into thin air.

The real story dates back to March 8, 2014, when a Malaysia Airlines plane bound for Beijing disappeared from all radars shortly after takeoff.. From that moment on, an unprecedented search operation began that has been considered the longest in history. Despite the official reports, the hypotheses and the recruitment of evidence, even today it is not known what really happened.

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“The planes go up, the planes go down. What the planes do not do is disappear from the face of the Earth,” says the aviation journalist Jeff Wise in the documentary.

MH370_ The plane that disappeared (IN SPANISH) _ Official trailer _ Netflix.mp4


The British series is directed by Louise Malkinson and produced by Raw Television. The production has archival material, journalistic investigation and testimonies from relatives of the disappeared, researchers and more who analyze what happened, ask questions and also propose theories.

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