Prince Andrew inherits nothing and now has to beg the king for every penny

Prince Andrew inherits nothing and now has to beg the king for every penny

The fat years are probably over for Prince Andrew. After King Charles inherited all of Queen Elizabeth’s fortune, Andrew relies on her generosity. But he doesn’t want to continue financing his brother’s life of luxury.

King Charles is fine. He inherited all of Queen Elizabeth’s fortune. More than 650 million pounds, the equivalent of around 735 million euros, have thus passed into his possession. His siblings, on the other hand, don’t see a tired pence. This is particularly bitter for one person: Prince Andrew. He is said to be stunned that he went away empty-handed.

Sole heir King Charles is the beneficiary of a tax trick. If the assets of one ruler are transferred to another in the event of death, there has been no inheritance tax in Great Britain since 1993. According to a palace source quoted by the “DailyMail”, it was precisely this possibility that was used. It is therefore in the hands of the king whether and to what extent he supports his siblings financially.

So he could bestow them and others with gifts of money, which would also not be taxed, as long as the king lived on for at least seven years afterward. So Charles can be generous, but he doesn’t have to be – to the detriment of Prince Andrew. According to the media report, he should be desperate. He was left in the dark about the inheritance formalities.

King Charles cuts off cash flow

Since the disgraced prince currently has no income of his own, he is dependent on the goodwill of his big brother. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment. It has only just become known that the king is making cutbacks, which is also at the expense of Andrews. He will have to do without some expensive extravagance in the future.

The British tabloid “The Sun” wants to know that the king is cutting off the money for the prince’s guru. In the future, Andrew is to pay the Indian healer himself, it is about annual sums of more than 30,000 pounds. So far, Mutti, i.e. Queen Elizabeth II, is said to have opened the wallet for this.

“While the Queen has always happily pampered her son over the years, Charles is far less inclined to sponsor such luxuries, particularly at a time of a cost-of-living crisis,” a source told The Sun. That probably also means that the prince has to move. A few weeks ago, the newspaper also reported that the king also wanted to cancel an annual appanage of around 280,000 euros for his brother.

Prince Andrew’s life of luxury will soon be over

This is money that must be earmarked for the upkeep of the Royal Lodge. It is speculated that the flow of money could dry up as early as April. Conversely, this means that Andrew can probably no longer afford the villa. Instead, he is to move to the more tranquil Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

So what should Andrew do, asks the palace insider, quoted by the “DailyMail”: “Should he go to his older brother to have a roof over his head? Things keep getting worse. It’s a disaster.” Rumors have been circulating for a long time that Andrew could take his nephew Harry as a role model and also dare to go public in order to generate money through exclusive interviews.

Prince Andrew’s options are few and far between. He has been unemployed for years. He had stepped down from royal duties following the scandal surrounding his involvement with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and the sexual abuse allegations that erupted against the prince. With that, his source of income dried up. His siblings, Edward and Anne, continue to receive Sovereign Grant money as working royals.


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