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Stefanie Stahl and Lukas Klaschinski reveal how they overcome shyness

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Stefanie Stahl and Lukas Klaschinski are Germany’s best-known psychologist duo. The best-selling author and the podcast star write bi-weekly in their star-Column on psychological issues. This time it’s about shyness – where it comes from and how to fight it.

Stefanie Stahl and Lukas Klaschinski

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Luke Klaschinski:Actually, shyness connects us all. Almost all adults say that they have been shy at some point. It’s interesting that many people don’t even notice their shyness. They stay cool on the outside, even if on the inside they would like to sink into the ground. Shyness has something to do with a feeling of inferiority. You feel less smart or less interesting, less attractive, less funny or less quick-witted than the other person. This triggers a feeling of shame and, of course, food for the inner critic! So shyness always has something to do with our own self-esteem and our socialization.

Source: Stern

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