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Oscar 2023 Awards: Argentina participates for the eighth time in its history

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The candidacy of “Argentina, 1985”, Santiago Miter’s film that follows the task of Julio Strassera and Luis Moreno Ocampo as prosecutors of Trial of the Juntas of the last civic-military dictatorshipmarks the country’s eighth participation in the Hollywood Academy Awards, in which tonight it hopes to consecrate itself with a third statuette for national cinematography.

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With outstanding leading performances by Ricardo Darín and Peter Lanzani, Miter’s film is one of the main contenders in the Best International Film category, although it will arrive at the gala at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles with the challenge of prevailing over the German film. “All Quiet on the Front,” one of the most nominated for the 95th. laurels edition.

How many times was an Argentine film nominated for the Oscars?


The Argentine passage through the maximum party of American entertainment dates back to 1974when he received his first nomination for the well-remembered romantic drama “Truce”, of Sergio Renan and based on the homonymous novel by the Uruguayan Mario Benedetti.

Héctor Alterio, Ana María Picchio, Luis Brandoni, Marilina Ross, Aldo Barbero, Antonio Gasalla and Oscar Martínez -with special appearances by Norma Aleandro and China Zorrilla- made up the cast of this emotional film, which became the first South American film spoken in Spanish to reach the oscarwhich on that occasion was left in the hands of the memorable “Amarcord”, by Federico Felini.


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A decade later, Argentina would once again form part of the gala with “Camila” (1984, by María Luisa Bemberg), and a year later he would return with his first statuette under his arm for “La historia oficial”, by Luis Puenzo, which triumphed in the 58th. edition of the awards prevailing over “Bitter Harvest”, by Agnieszka Holland, and “Dad went on a business trip”, by Emir Kusturica.

The official story

Again with the presence of Alterio in the leading roles, this time with Norma Aleandrothe film of punch addressed the question of the dictatorship in the then recently recovered democracy, with a sensitive story about a woman who begins to suspect the origins of her little adoptive daughter and her husband’s link with the arrival of the girl at home.

Tango, don’t ever leave me

In 1998 local cinema had a new opportunity with the romantic and musical drama by Carlos Saura “Tango, don’t ever leave me”, with Miguel Angel Sola in the role of a theater director who gets into a complicated love situation with his boss’s partner while he himself tries to overcome the breakup with his girlfriend, and who was surpassed in laurels by “Life is beautiful”, by the Italian Roberto Benigni.

The son of the bride

Then, just started the new millennium, the country was present at the 74th. delivery of the Academy with “Son of the Bride” (2001)the first appearance of the renowned Juan José Campanella on the circuit, who, although he gave up his hopes after the Oscar for “El último día”, the first film by the Bosnian Danis Tanovic, would be the one who eight years later would win the second statuette for Argentina.

The Secret in Their Eyes

It was with the acclaimed drama thriller “The secret of his eyes” (2009), with performances by Darín and Soledad Villamil along with Pablo Rago and Guillermo Francella, who competed in their category with the Peruvian “La teta asustada”, the Israeli “Ajami”, the French “Un profeta” and the German “La cinta blanca”.

Over there, Darín played Benjamín Espositoa former judicial agent who, while reviewing his memories around the events unleashed two decades ago as a result of a murder that he could never solve to write a book on the subject, discovers the shocking resolution that the event had while he was forced to stay away from his home. investigation.

wild tales

Meanwhile, the last time an Argentine production was part of the category for Best International Film was by Damián Szifron and his anthological black and dramatic comedy “Wild Tales” (2014), which gave the country its seventh candidacy with a remarkable script and cast work, which includes Julieta Zylberberg, Rita Cortese, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Nancy Duplaá, Oscar Martínez, María Onetto, Érica Rivas and, once again, Ricardo Darin.

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