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Oscars 2023: Hugh Grant brushes off Ashley Graham

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It seemed as if he wanted to be anywhere but there: On the champagne-colored carpet at the Oscars, Hugh Grant answered questions from model Ashley Graham and caused what was probably the most awkward moment of the evening.

There are two different types of celebs at the Oscars: those who are happy to be there, dress up and indulge in all the glitz and glamor. And those who do their duty but would actually like to sit on the sofa at home. After his interview with Ashley Graham, it is clear to which group Hugh Grant belongs.

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Oscars: Hugh Grant brushes off Ashley Graham

On the champagne-colored carpet, the supermodel conducted interviews with the stars of the ceremony. The questions Graham had for Grant, while somewhat simplistic, were by no means offensive or impudently phrased. So she first wanted to know from the Brit what the best thing about the Oscars is for him. The actor laughed a little mischievously, but then let himself be tempted to answer.

It’s “fascinating” and “all of humanity” is here, Grant said. “It’s Vanity Fair,” he said. “Oh yeah, it’s all about Vanity Fair! Let’s just chill and have fun,” Graham replied, assuming he was talking about Vanity Fair magazine’s legendary Oscar party. With his allusion, Grant did not mean the celebrity party, but the book of the same name by William Makepeace Thackeray from the 19th century, which is about the superficial upper class. So what Grant indirectly criticizes, Graham sees as anticipation of the after show. A faux pas that could probably have happened to other reporters in the heat of the moment.

Unpleasant interview

But that’s not all. Graham had more questions for Grant. “What was it like doing Glass Onion? How fun is it to do something like that?” she asked. Grant has a small, almost cameo appearance in the murder mystery film. “Well I’m barely in, I was in about three seconds,” he replied. “It must have been fun anyway, you had fun, didn’t you?” Graham asked, a little tormented. When asked “What are you wearing today?”, Grant only replied: “My suit.”

The unpleasant exchange caused a stir online. “Kudos to Ashley Graham for navigating this interview with Hugh Grant with grace and patience,” tweeted journalist Dave Quinn. “You don’t have to be such a big idiot Hugh Grant,” tweeted author Rebecca Carroll. Others sympathized with Grant or laughed at his authenticity.

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