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“Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2” inspired in the Posthof

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Hats off to the next generation: “Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2” was a hit at the Posthof.
Image: Guenther Groeger
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Already in 2019, people were looking forward to the company based in Kibbutz Ga’aton in northern Israel. Now she was finally able to welcome the Linz audience: the junior group “Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2”, founded by Rami Be’er in 1994, opened the Tanztage series in Linz’s Posthof on Monday.

With the performance “360°”, nine young dancers, bursting with energy, invited you to immerse yourself in a coherent dance cosmos in which everything seems to flow. In a balanced alternation, individual duets and solos emerge from the collective. Once the audience’s gaze rests on the company as a harmonious whole, then again on individual dancers in imaginative and lovingly choreographed duets and solos.

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Dynamic sequences, in which powerful jumps reveal precise technique and condition, alternate with intimate moments of reduced movements that give space to small gestures and feelings. The music is also like a river, sometimes rousing, then slowly gliding along.

The audience was also able to experience that dance can also simply be joy beyond professional ability. Those who were given hands were immediately integrated into what was happening on stage. There everything turned faster than anxious thoughts in the head, which often thwart one’s joy in life. An experience.

Conclusion: A wonderful Tanztage prelude that makes dancing a pleasure for all the senses.

Further dates: March 22: Sofia Nappi & Compania Komoco (Italy); March 30, Raphael Miro Holzer; 4/27: Louise Lecavalier; April 21: Rosalie Vanka; 4/30: Gravity & Other Myths; www.posthof.at

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