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Pedro Almodóvar publishes a new book which he defines as “a fragmented autobiography”

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“The last dream” brings together a dozen stories ranging from the late 1960s to the present.

Next May the country will publish the “The Last Dream”the new book by the Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar in which he brings together stories that he has been writing for 50 years and which he defines as “the closest thing to a fragmented autobiography” where the “reader will end up obtaining the maximum information about me as a filmmaker, as a storyteller and the way in which my life makes a thing and the others mix”.

Director of “Far Heels”, “Broken Embraces” or the most recent film “Parallel Mothers” he returns to the narrative with a title that he himself defines as the most intimate because it is a book that he has been writing for decades and decades in secret. “The last dream” brings together a dozen stories ranging from the late 1960s to the present. and some of those texts, according to their editor, had a cinematographic trajectory as “The visit” that appeared in part in his film “Bad Education”.

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Before its edition in Argentina, “El último sueño” will be published in Spain, in mid-April, by the Reservoir Books label. Your literary director, Jaume Bonfill, told a press conference that the texts “are practically unpublished” and that the selection of texts was made by Almodóvar himself. “He does not intend to write a memoir, nor does he want anyone to write his biography, but he writes these stories that become scripts and that are in a secret trunk that we have been looking at. The group can help to know him as person,” the editor said, as quoted by the Spanish daily La Razón.

About the book, the writer, screenwriter and film director Ray Loriga review that it is a volume “of discoveries. That Almodóvar was a great writer I already knew, all we had to do was discover since when. From childhood until the day before yesterday, his writing takes us by the hand through a surprising forest. Being born upside down ( at the end), and living backwards is just one of his talents. There is more, also moving forward like a tram (of desire). When reading these stories one does not know if he has been invited into his head or his soul. In any case, It’s a gift. And a sweet intrusion.”

On his Twitter account, his producer and brother Augustin Almodovarposted a photo of Pedro next to the cover of the new volume. “They have arrived! On sale next April 13. @ReservoirBooks”he tweeted and quickly his followers began to ask him about the release dates in other countries or showed their interest and loyalty to the filmmaker’s work, such as a user who said that he had reserved it since January.


Source: Ambito

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