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“Pity” Álvarez reappeared and sang in a therapeutic community

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Cristian “Pity” Alvarez sang on stage in a show held in the therapeutic community of the Buenos Aires town of Pillarin which he receives a psychiatric and addiction treatment, along with various rock bands.

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The musician was recently declared indictable in the framework of the process for having murdered a resident of the Samoré neighborhood, in the city of Buenos Aires, in 2018.

The former leader of Viejas Locas e Intoxicados, Dressed in a gray vest, cap and dark sneakers, he could be seen in videos broadcast on social networks singing national rock classics of his authorship such as Quieren rock or Everything remains the same at the event that took place in the “Recognize Yourself” therapeutic community.

The festival included the performance of bands such as “A second is too much” or “Los notables del oeste”, which participated because they had relatives or relatives hospitalized in the place.

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Paul Magellan, musician from “A second is too much”, he maintained that he saw Álvarez as “good” and “active”.

“For me it was a nice experience to have shared this experience with children who want to recover. At the festival there were children who returned home, who were with their families and hugged each other, but there were also other children who had just entered”, He pointed out in statements to the TN channel.

the trial

At the beginning of the month, the Justice confirmed the suspension of the trial against Álvarez for the crime committed in the Cardenal Samoré neighborhood of Villa Lugano.

Likewise, the court that was going to be in charge of the case ordered the cessation of house arrest and the removal of the electronic anklet that had been placed on him to monitor him.

It was ordered that the Civil Justice be in charge of supervising his rehabilitation treatment for substance use until he is in psychic condition.

The judges John Martin Ramos Padilla, Gustavo Goerner and Hugo Navarrobelonging to the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) of Buenos Aires number 29, resolved to reject the request for dismissal of Álvarez, requested by the official defender José Marino, who considered that “Pity” should be declared indictable due to his state of health and his sufferings psychological and psychiatric disorders due to substance use.

In any case, they did resolve the suspension of the oral debate for the crime of Cristian Maximiliano Díaz, 36, which occurred in July 2018, considering that the former leader of Viejas Locas e Intoxicados is not in a mental condition to face a debate. oral.

Source: Ambito

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