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A river of yellow water? know where this wonder of nature is located

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The natural phenomenon is one of the most interesting in the country. Learn how to get there and enjoy this landscape.


The Argentinian landscapes They continue to surprise and generate curiosity among national and international tourists. In this case, a yellow River became the new jewel of nature in the town of Chilecitoprovince of The Rioja.

The Yellow River rises in the famatina hilland from there, travelers will be able to appreciate how it unites its waters with those of the River of the Quebrada del Agua Negra, which is rich in calcium oxide. The confluence between the two forms what is known as “the river of two colors“.

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Yellow River.


Yellow River: how to get there

To access a panoramic view from the Yellow River, you just have to take the road that leads to the old goldmine known as the mexican. Also known as the Río de Oro, its curious bright ocher color is due to the presence of ferrous dioxide from the lead, copper and zinc, which are scattered up to about 40 km. Below the water.

As the waters move away from the gold mine, its representative color is further intensified by the iron which continues to rust. This acidity and the large amount of ferrous sulfates are natural phenomena and they have nothing to do with the incidence of mining activity in the area.

Source: Ambito

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