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Annamarie Carpendale surprises with completely transparent pants

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Annemarie Carpendale is very self-confident with her appearance. But now she showed even more than usual: her transparent pants left little to the imagination.

Whether on her show “Red” or on social networks: Annemarie Carpendale enjoys presenting herself. But despite her often revealing style, her latest outfit is a real eye-catcher even by her standards. The 45-year-old presenter chose a touch of nothing for her pants.

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In her Instagram story, the presenter gave insights into the backstage area of ​​her Pro Sieben show. “Look guys, I dressed extra thick today,” she joked in the clip. But she wasn’t alluding to the tight crop top – but to the pants, which could only be recognized as such at second glance.

Annemarie Carpendale and the touch of pants

Because although her legwear was actually cut like normal pants, she allowed extremely deep insights. Instead of classic fabric, this model of pants is only plaited from a coarse mesh. And thus allows the entire lower body to shine through. Including the black panties.

In a later Instagram post from the set of the show, it looked a lot less suggestive: Carpendale actually doesn’t wear any other legwear like a skirt apart from the pants. But because she combines the pants with a very long jacket, only her little clad legs can be seen. “I feel disco,” wrote the presenter.

Lots of encouragement

However, the first version of the trousers was already well received by her Instagram fans. The comments on the post are correspondingly positive. Fans ask where to get the pants and cheer for their look. “I broke up with my girlfriend because of it,” jokes one user.

Some are even disappointed that there is nothing more to see in the final outfit. “This blazer is definitely too long,” complains a follower.


Source: Stern

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