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Olaf Scholz rearranged his German friends in Japan

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Once is never. Olaf Scholz flies to Japan for the second time within a year, this time accompanied by his most important cabinet members. The visit is a sign in two directions: to the host, of course – and to its big neighbor China, which is no longer pampered by the federal government

Japan? Really now? Does it have to be that way? Yet again? It was just that and at least it didn’t pour like cats and dogs in Tokyo like it is now. Well, “just now” was eleven months ago, but who does that voluntarily in such a comparatively short distance: Round trip around 23,000 kilometers, 27 hours in the air because Russia has to be circumnavigated, eight hours time difference, a – very short – night in a hotel bed, again in the Palace Hotel next to the old imperial palace, in between a few miserable hours of rhetorically largely choreographed program?

Source: Stern

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