“Shazam 2” led the local box office

“Shazam 2” led the local box office

According to figures provided by Ultracine, “Shazam: The Fury of the Gods”, the film about the adventures of teenager Billy Batson under his adult superhero alter ego, displaced “Scream 6” from the top of the local box office and became a the leader with 74,717 viewers, well below the first installment (2019). As happened in the rest of the international markets, including the United States, the sequel yielded 36% less than “Shazam!”, which in its first weekend summoned 110,785 viewers. “Scream 6” lost the leadership of the national theaters although it only fell one position: it had 31,847 attendees and a cumulative 137,417 viewers. Contrary to what happened with “Shazam!”, the sixth installment of Ghostface continues to outperform its predecessor in its second week on the bill with an increase of 34.5%.

After the delivery of the Oscars, “La Ballena” rose one position compared to last week and even increased its number of calls by 6.3% with 40,838 tickets on its 113 screens. The Academy Award-winning “Everything, Everywhere at the Same Time” (released in June of last year and now revived), is up eight spots from last week. Fourth place in the ranking went to “Creed 3” which, after losing leadership last week to “Scream 6”, has a cumulative attendance of 269,983. On the contrary, “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” rose one location with 31,822 viewers and together with “Avatar: the path of water” they continue to be the ones that attracted the most audiences during 2023.

Source: Ambito

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