Actress Amanda Bynes was admitted to a mental health center after a psychotic break

Actress Amanda Bynes was admitted to a mental health center after a psychotic break

The former child star was found naked wandering around a dangerous neighborhood in Los Angeles.

The actress Amanda Bynes She was urgently admitted to a psychiatric center after being found wandering alone, naked and disoriented through one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles, in the United States. Apparently this episode would have been caused by a psychotic break.

As reported by the portal TMZthe event involving the former child star occurred in the early morning of March 19, it was the same actress who called the 911 number to report an emergency, in addition to reporting that she had just had a psychotic episode.

Before contacting the emergency services by phone, Amanda caught the attention of a car driver and explained the situation she was experiencing.

After this, it was reported that Bynes will be in said mental health clinic as a precautionary measure for 72 hours, however, this time could be extended according to the needs of the patient.

Apparently, the no-clothes incident is not the first to live Amanda Bynes after suffering an episode that affects their mental health. She herself shared in 2014 that she lives with bipolar disorder. She has also suffered for several years from drug addiction problems.

It has been a little over a year since Amanda filed for termination of a guardianship that was imposed on her more than a decade ago. The actress’s mother was in charge of her when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, since she had carried out erratic actions such as setting fire to her neighbor’s house, during this incident, her dog was injured.

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