What did they say in La Peña de Morfi after the dismissal of Jey Mammón

What did they say in La Peña de Morfi after the dismissal of Jey Mammón

Days ago, the channel had announced that the driver was suspended for the case of sexual abuse of minors.

jey mammon was involved in a controversial situation after Lucas Benvenuto revealed that in 2020 he reported him for sexual abuse when he was a minor. After the separation of the driver from Morfi’s Rock (Telefe), his partner, jesica cirioexpressed himself in this regard at the opening of the program on Sunday.

“I’m going to speak on behalf of all my colleagues,” the co-host began to say, with great shock in her voice. “This is a program that we do with a lot of work and effort. Everything that is happening is public knowledge, it really has nothing to do with the spirit or the essence of La Peña, that is why we are accompanying the channel’s decision until all this is resolved,” she launched in the first seconds of the emission of the cycle

“We support the channel’s decision until all this is resolved. These unfortunate and sad events that have impacted us all”concluded to give way to the presentation Georgina Barbarossahis new partner in driving, at least for this Sunday. La Peña belongs to the people, it belongs to you. We are going to give them all the best that is joy, music and information” assured Barbarossa.

Last Thursday, Telefe issued a statement on its central news after Benvenuto’s complaint against the musician and driver was known. “Telefe agreed with Jey Mammon to temporarily suspend his continuity as the driver of La Peña de Morfi, giving him the time he deems necessary to order situations of a personal nature,” the channel announced.

The release of Jey Mammón after the complaint of sexual abuse of minors

For his part, jey mammon broke the silence after the complaint of sexual abuse and decided to make a publication on the subject. “The episode is largely false,” she said in the statement that she shared on her social networks. The musician and driver said that he is the victim of a “persistent campaign of harassment and defamation.”

“Given the dissemination of a complaint that the Justice decided to prescribe, in the case of a false episode in a large part of its content, I see myself in the need to inform that to this action, which seeks unspeakable revenues to the detriment of my person, is added a persistent campaign of harassment and defamation,” said the musician and host in the first part of the letter.

“I have suffered extortionate behavior from the person who filed a complaint that the courts dismissed and closed. Notwithstanding the legal actions to be taken, it is imperative to make it clear that the situation in question is the product of the conduct of a person who, in this case, and before the courts, has acted untruthfully. The media installation of the issue has jeopardized the prestige and honor of the person who is speaking to you in a delicate and sensitive event for the whole of society. I pray to God that the truth flows, the truth is exposed and known”, the artist completed.

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