The Governor of Salta congratulated Marcos after winning Big Brother

The Governor of Salta congratulated Marcos after winning Big Brother

Through social networks, Gustavo Sáenz congratulated the winner of the reality show.

In the midst of the celebrations after the triumph of Marcos Ginocchio, Gustavo SaenzGovernor of Salta, took the opportunity to congratulate the young man from Salta on his consecration in Big Brother. Through his official Twitter, the politician expressed his joy and happiness for the young man’s victory.

“Salteño pride! Authentic from day one. He arrived at this instance with joy and demonstrating values, which the public vote highlighted from this man from Salta who, with humility and camaraderie, earned everyone’s sympathy, ”the provincial president began by saying.

“Understanding, kind, respectful and lovable, Marcos was the mirror where we want to see our youth reflected. Congratulations Marcos Ginocchio on your triumph in Big Brother and congratulations to your family that shaped you as a great human being!”. It was Sáenz’s second message.


Sáenz’s words were pronounced after “El Primo” surpassed Nacho Castañares with 70% of the votes (“he only obtained 5.5 million votes,” highlighted the host Santiago del Moro), and that, in turn, Juliet Poggio will be in third place.

“I can’t believe it. For me it’s a dream, it’s not real”, Marcos expressed once he left the house.

The last to leave were Nacho and Marcos. When the first one crossed the door, the man from Salta was left alone, squatting and covering his face, while he cried with emotion.

With this result, a prize of 15 million pesos was awarded, plus an update of almost $5 million more and a house.

Source: Ambito

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