They sue Netflix for a movie inspired by a true event

They sue Netflix for a movie inspired by a true event

Netflix was sued Wednesday for “No limit”a fictional film that suggests a diver deliberately killed his wife in a diving incident.

The film in French is based on the true story of Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras and his wife, Audrey Mestre. They were a celebrity couple in the world of freediving, an extreme sport in which divers descend hundreds of meters without oxygen.

Mestre drowned while trying to dive in the Dominican Republic in 2002, after the device that was supposed to bring her to the surface failed.

The film tells the story of “Pascal Gautier” and “Roxane Aubrey”, a fictional version of the couple. Gautier is depicted as abusive and jealous of Aubrey’s success. In the climactic scene, the film strongly hints that Gautier sabotaged her compressed air tank, leaving her without enough air to get her to the surface.

Ferreras filed a defamation lawsuit on Wednesday, alleging that the film portrays him as a murderer.. The film also shows Gautier choking Aubrey during sex, and both characters cheat on each other, leading to a confrontation just before the fatal dive.

“I don’t know how people can do something like that,” Ferreras said in a telephone interview from his home in Cuba. “They turned history around. They put it how they wanted. That really hurt me.”

The film includes a disclaimer stating that it is a “work of fiction” and that any resemblance to real people is coincidental. He also says that it is “inspired by real events.” At the end, there is a title card with Mestre’s photograph and a brief account of his death.

The couple’s story has been told in various ways over the past 20 years. a documentary of ESPN criticized Ferreras and expressed concern about the safety standards in place at the time of the fatal dive. Ferreras’ former business partner, Carlos Serraalso wrote a book condemning Ferreras and holding him responsible for Mestre’s death.

Ferreras has maintained that Mestre’s death was a tragic accident, pointing to a report that attributed the malfunction to a number of technical factors. He also wrote his own book. At one point, James Cameron was working with him on a film project, and Jennifer Lawrence was also rumored to be on board in the role of Mestre. Ferreras is looking to release his own documentary on the story.

Ferreras said that the filmmakers of “No Limit” did not contact him.. He said he saw the movie about a week after it was released and had to stop halfway through.

“As the movie went on, I started to suffer and suffer,” he said. “It was all very disturbing. Imagine, without knowing it, that you see a movie about your life and your history with your late wife, and you are surprised”.

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