Easter Getaways: 3 rural destinations to disconnect from routine

Easter Getaways: 3 rural destinations to disconnect from routine


Lucas Riselli

Easter Getaways: 3 rural destinations to disconnect from routine and relax to the fullest

With own style

Sporea place of 50 inhabitants of the district of Saint Andrew of Gileshas as its hallmark its rural natural ecosystemits peaceful rhythm, its magical nights and its delicacies in the open air.

SA de Giles Espora 2.jpg

Municipality of San Andres de Giles

The old building -which he bought in 2008 for the landlords of his farm to live in- was converted four years ago into a meeting place friendly with music, theater, painting and food. “At first the meetings were at basket but when more people started to come, I thought about the commercial vein”, recounted this man from Mercedes who together with his nephews and his partner are in charge of the place.

“We have a totally different menu than what is expected: picada with salami and mercedinos cheese, vegetable dips, hummus, and pickled vegetables”, he asserted. You can also taste disk meat sandwich with homemade seed bread and organic salad with citrus reduction.


Lucas Riselli

When preparing the dishes, Mateo uses fruits and vegetables without agrochemicals grown by producers in the area. In winter, two ideal recipes are prepared to combat the cold: lentil stew and stroganoff tenderloin with mashed potatoeswhich are enjoyed in the heat of a fireplace inside the warehouse.

During the four-day weekend they will open at noon, while Friday and Saturday they will offer sunsets with snacks and drinks.

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Municipality of San Andres de Giles

Besides, Ana Alvis chose the calm of Spore to share the incredible experience he lived in Morocco by staying in a dome in the middle of the desert.

A few years ago, the woman fulfilled that wish and became the owner of The Goyasa glamping-bar with four domes and a wagon for six people. Is about comfortable, spacious and fully equipped spaces.

A proposal sustainable: bathrooms with solar water heaters and a bio-pool in which the water is recycled. ”It has an area for swimming and another with stones and plants that are responsible for cleaning. Both are separated by a wall where the water circulates through pumps and filters”, Alvis described.

SA de Giles Las Goyas Glamping (2).jpg


A wagon replica works like subtracted bar where you can savor barbecue, tenderloin and fondues, among other delicacies.

The yoga classes or temazcales they are very inviting. The last one is a ceremony of Aztec origin with volcanic stones for physical and spiritual purification.

Unique delicacies and farm day

The Cardalestown of the party of exaltation of the crosslocated 89 kilometers from the Federal capital already 140, of the silverhas a perfect plan in the extra long weekend.

The obligatory stop for the palate are the exclusive elaborations of degusta What does the chef carry on? Gustavo De Battista for more than a decade.

Exaltation of the Cross- DeGusta signature cuisine (1).jpg

Rest Of Likes

The place was the first bakery of the payment and invites a comprehensive experience of pleasures: brick walls and floors dating from the beginning of the 20th century, the patio that functioned as a stable and a 36-square-meter wood-fired oven that supplied the community from 1910. The site was declared of Municipal Patrimonial Interest.

“DeGusta’s philosophy points to good judgment and commitment to nature when choosing products, taking advantage of the benefits that the shift station offers us. Each season, the chef thinks and devises his dishes according to techniques, textures, flavors and aromas”, he expressed. Jessica Battista.

He Risotto enjoys the title of star dish and the pasta lead the preferences of the public: sorrentinos loin, mascarpone, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and greens, or potato gnocchi accompanied by dried tomatoes, black olives and capers. “In Easter we will have a special menu based on the sea, in addition to our usual menu”, he stated.

Exaltation of the Cross- DeGusta signature cuisine (2).jpg

Rest Of Likes

On the other hand, in the farm The Cardales, wonder, entertainment and learning are guaranteed. Families will be able to enjoy an authentic field day. “During a guided tour we teach how to feed our animals: cows, horses, sheep, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks and rabbits. In the chicken coop we propose to collect the eggs,” he explained. Maria Lina Casalderrey.

in the workshop of vegetable garden explain how to produce a seasonal seedling to take home. As a farewell, the children carry out an art and nature activity and, in Easterthere will be a great treasure hunt.

The farm has a picnic area with tables and chairs, and a pantry with regional products of own elaboration. The property can be visited on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Exaltation of the Cross-Chacra Los Cardales 1.jpg

Chacra Los Cardales

A Buenos Aires classic

cañuelas -like all the emblematic places of the province of Buenos Aires– is renewed and adds options for a getaway full of adventure and adrenaline.

Uribelarrea horseback riding offers a route of two and a half hours in which fields, streams and rural roads are crossed, which concludes with a shared bite. The proposal is considered suitable for children over 12 years of age.

Exaltation of the Cross-Chacra Los Cardales 2.jpg

Chacra Los Cardales

The scool of Paramotor flight “give sensations that fill the soul and magical sunsets”, according to his bio on social networks.

At sunset, Wentu generates sublime sensations in paratrike with a 15-minute flight for which it is not necessary to have previous knowledge. Before being suspended in the air, the participants receive an instructional talk. Each departure will depend on weather conditions.

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