Angela Ermakova shoots against Boris Becker: “Not the behavior of a loving father”

Angela Ermakova shoots against Boris Becker: “Not the behavior of a loving father”

Angela Ermakova can’t stand Boris Becker’s latest statements: “He suffers from verbal diarrhea.”

The so-called “broom closet affair” between Boris Becker (55) and Angela Ermakova (56) still makes the headlines more than 20 years later. At that time, the tennis star and the model gave birth to their daughter Anna Ermakova (23) in a luxury restaurant in London – by the way, not in a chamber, but on a staircase to the toilet, as Becker once revealed. But his latest statements in the upcoming Apple TV + documentary “Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker” about the evening in question and the general relationship with Ermakova are now causing a violent backlash.

What happened? Becker says in the documentary that he had no contact with Ermakova before or after the evening. He also never owned her number: “We got together and had sex and that was it.” “I met Boris back in February – a couple of months before that night. He called me many times afterwards, including the day he lost his last Wimbledon game. He wanted to meet me June 1999.”

She also explains why Ermakova is reacting to Becker’s renewed statements right now: “In the past few years I have not returned to this morass, I have not reacted to Boris’ statements because I wanted to spare my daughter additional pain. I love her so much A lot. But her father suffers from verbal diarrhea and still can’t shut up 23 years after the event.” When the father sells a story like this over and over again, he sells his soul, Ermakova continues. “It’s not the behavior of a loving father that he pretends to be, and not that of a man who still has any dignity in him,” continued the Russian-born.

Is it all just a misunderstanding? Boris Becker already admitted that he had known Angela Ermakova before

She has already said this to him privately, but she thinks she needs to do it publicly too: “So that he thinks about the karma he attracts when he behaves like this.” Is it all just a misunderstanding? After all, Becker already admitted in 2013 in his biography “Life is not a game” that he knew Angela before the night and that they exchanged numbers after they first met. In 2003, Ermakova said in a “Bunte” interview: “Of course he’s known me for a long time. He’s called me countless times.”

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