Mirtha Legrand was discharged after being successfully operated

Mirtha Legrand was discharged after being successfully operated

The television host Mirtha Legrand She was successfully intervened to place a pacemaker, according to what was indicated last night by the Mater Dei sanatorium. Now the new part revealed that she was already discharged

“Ms. Mirtha Legrand was discharged this morning, after the scheduled procedure yesterday”indicates the text that bears the signature of Roberto Dupuy de Lôme, medical director of the institution.

“Having achieved clinical stability, you will be able to continue your recovery at home.”

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Argentinian television star arrived at the Mater Dei sanatorium two hours before the procedure accompanied by her daughter, Marcela Tinayre, and her grandson, Nacho Viale.

I am calmthe procedure lasts 45 minutes and I spend the night here”, Mirtha assured before entering, before the media that were waiting for her at the door of the clinic. The person in charge of carrying out the intervention was Fernando Mastrogiacomomember of the Cardiovascular Department of the Alexander Fleming Specialized Medical Institute.

For her part, her daughter told the press: “I don’t want to scare anyone who is doing this or who is about to do it. It is an outpatient intervention, it only has the risks of a larger person” and further said: “I am thrilled with everyone’s loveI already charged my phone four times, that gives you the pattern of everything”.

Legrand, of 96 yearsmaintained that he made the decision together with his doctors to place himself “a state-of-the-art pacemaker” so that regulate your heart rate.


In addition, Legrand asked “tranquillity” and that his personal issues are not mixed with professional ones, which would undermine the version that his operation would postpone his return to television.

“I ask you for peace of mind and don’t mix my professional themes They have nothing to do with this decision. Thank you! I keep betting on life! Kisses. Bye, bye!”, She expressed in a statement about it.

After the information about Mirtha’s surgery for this Tuesday came out in different show programs, Nacho Viale clarified from his Twitter account that the intervention has nothing to do with the talks for the lap from the diva to the TV.

Last year’s lunches were in the thirteenth, but there was speculation about a possible move to America. The truth is that the driver scared family members and fans in recent years. In 2021, she filed a strong chest pain and they detected one coronary obstructionso they had to place two stents.

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the thirteen

Then, in 2022, he also caused concern by announcing that he had been infected with Covid-19: “I am asymptomatic and I feel very good. I have my vaccinations up to date and I am very calm. I ask you to let me rest and go through this with serenity. Thank you for your concern and love as always, “she said then.

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