Royals: Lionel Richie at King Charles’ garden party

Royals: Lionel Richie at King Charles’ garden party

In preparation for the grand coronation ceremony on May 6, King Charles III. attended a garden party in the grounds of Buckingham Palace on Wednesday. One of the guests was Lionel Richie, who will perform at the coronation concert.

Lionel Richie’s presence at King Charles’ garden party at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday proved that British royals and Americans are not very alike. Meghan Markle already made that clear when she described how she met the cold royals with her rather relaxed manner.

Richie, who will perform at Saturday’s coronation concert in Windsor, welcomed both Charles III. as well as his wife Camilla American-hearty. During a brief chat, he even touched the latter several times on the arm. Although touching royals is actually considered a faux pas, Camilla remained calm. “It’s nice to see you,” Camilla said to Richie and his companion, model Lisa Parigi, according to the Daily Mail.

Royals: Lionel Richie at King Charles’ garden party

The musician was happy to be present at the first major coronation event. And although he has already played on the biggest stages in the world, the concert in Windsor next Saturday is something special. “Your career has Oscars, then Grammys, then a coronation. Are you kidding me? It doesn’t happen every day, so I’m excited? Absolutely! It’s going to be the best thing ever,” he said loudly the British newspaper.

Richie will also be present at the actual coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey. “Somebody pinch me. I’m really trying to keep calm. I’m like a kid at Christmas time. And the relationship I have with King Charles is just wonderful,” he said. He thinks the monarch is someone who cares. “He lends a hand himself,” Richie said of Charles. The two men have had a business relationship for years. Since the 1980s, Richie has been an ambassador for Charles’ charity, the Prince’s Trust, which helps young people in difficult circumstances.

“My job is to do the things he can’t do, interviews and things like that. His time is valuable,” Richie explained at the garden party. His job on Saturday will be to sing to hundreds of invited guests at Windsor Castle. A performance that demands respect even from experienced musicians. “Once the lights come on and the music starts, it’s going to be just fabulous. Get ready! It’s going to be magical,” he said.


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